RECLAIM YOUR ENERGY AND REGAIN YOUR ENTHUSIASM FOR LIFE (website will be updated to share more about the
Full Spectrum Energy Healing’s that are available.)

Do any of these scenarios feel all-too familiar?

You find yourself feeling emotionally drained, stuck, exhausted and unsure what to do and no energy to do it anyway?

 You keep striving, accomplishing, succeeding but feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed, frustrated?

Is your inner voice being drowned out by the grind of  the daily ‘to do list’…the constant mental chatter of do do do is leading you to BURN OUT?

 Your lab tests look good, but you just don’t feel well? Or even worse, something’s off, but doctors don’t seem to have a solution?

Hi, I’m Amy Lundberg, and I bridge the gap with women’s health so you can harmonize your hormones, energize your body and soulfully connect body, mind and heart to help you find the root cause that allows you to regain your enthusiasm for your life and give you the energy to fall back in love with their life!

In Your Energy Solution, I’ll share specific nourishing practices for smart, productive women like you, with beautifully big hearts like yours. These simple practices will lift your energy, create mental ease, balance hormones and skyrocket your health, enabling you to do that work that otherwise depletes you! It’s time for you to create the body and energy to boldly follow your soul’s calling.”

Get your energy back in just 10 minutes a day – The Energy Solution Blueprint

  • Start each day FEELING  FULLY RESTED rather than waiting for the weekend to catch up!
  • Move from feeling flat, frustrated and over-committed to feeling WELL-RESTED, ENERGIZED AND ENJOYING YOUR LIFE HAPPILY!
  • Be given EFFECTIVE nourishing TOOLS to handle life’s stress that comes your way with ease!

Introducing Your Energy Solution:
10 Simple Steps, 10 Minutes a Day

Time to go from Exhausted to Energized; a simple but Personal Path designed for women just like you!

Incorporating Nourishing Practices to Feed Body & Soul with Gentle Movement, Mind Body Nutrition, Divine Stillness and Happiness to Cultivate Vibrant Health and an Enthusiasm!

Taking care of yourself is the essential “peace” for you to take loving care of what matters most to you!

woman pouring coffeeRather than the mental chatter, chaos and daily grind as a constant in our lives that eats at your heart and mind, wouldn’t you like to do what matters most to you with a calm focus, an inner peace and with a joyful heart?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to learn the tools to put our bodies, minds and emotions in a relaxed state so you can feel younger, focused and confident in yourself and your choices again?

“Doing this process has been purely TRANSFORMATIONAL! I have my life back and I have control over my destiny!” 
   Donna Sauvagaue MN

10 Simple Steps, 10 Minutes a Day has its roots in ancient Greece and their concept of looking at a person’s diet, rest and happiness to cure what is ailing them.

Life is a great journey, but at times, it can leave us feeling overwhelmed, depleted, and difficult to take the positive steps needed to nourish ourselves and accomplish our goals.

AmyThat is why I am passionate about showing amazing, heart-centered women who struggle with burnout, exhaustion and weight resistance how to balance their hormones, restore their energy and discover and heal the root causes. Blending personal transforming work and women’s health, we’ll work together to find your inner calling with energy, playfulness and a vibrancy that resonates with your soul.

As a wife and mother of 4, I teach from my own challenges and experiences as well as my education. I help you follow your own inner guidance because everyone’s path to vibrant health and inner calling is unique!

Imagine yourself nourished, re-charged, and ready to face each day with dynamic energy, confidence and a defined path to joy, health and resounding weight loss.

In 10 Simple Steps, 10 Minutes a Day, we’ll gain Nourishing Practices to cultivate energy within movement, mindful nutrition, sound rest, full night sleep, and bountiful play. I share with you simple strategies in small increments of time that make significant shifts. When put in place, YOU make leaps forward in your health, actions and confidence in your transformation.

After Applying Just 1 Simple Step in 10 Minutes a Day:

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What people are saying

“All of a sudden, I had tools to cope with fears that I had carried around since childhood, and lost the weight I had been so feverishly trying to shed…without excessive boot camp classes!”  —Gina, ND
“Amy’s work has changed the way I balance my life, so much so, that my friends and family noticed my approach to life’s stressors, and they wanted to know ‘what I was doing differently!’

I was sleepwalking through life, and with my spiritual and physical health. After working with Amy, I was instantly able to understand the need to excitedly start my journey to healing. Words cannot express my gratitude! You should know that all of Amy’s compassionate care, faith-based approach, and knowledgeable skills she has, have contributed to improving my overall health status. I’m amazed by the instant relief of dizziness after one of our therapeutic sessions. I would absolutely recommend Amy Lundberg—Fitness for The Soul because I truly believe my journey to essence could not have been facilitated without interventions through Amy & the Divine.” —Karla, MN

“I realized you have to be willing to try different things to address your problems, than what you have done in the past.

I started seeing Amy mainly because I wanted to lose weight. I was miserable with my looks, and my health was declining rapidly.  I was on antidepressants, I had rashes all over my body, allergies, migraines, stomach troubles, and gaining weight so fast I could SEE the difference when I woke up in the morning! I tried going to counselors, been on every diet program out there, and was on numerous medications for all of my symptoms.

It was funny though, after spending months with Amy, the weight issue was the LAST thing we worked on. Amy was intuitive enough to see that all of my complaints were just symptoms of deeper issues I was struggling with, emotionally. Amy helped me identify the things that triggered my emotions and then taught me strategies to overcome the feelings that follow, so I do not return to the self-destructive eating patterns again. She teaches you alternative ways than what you have heard about in mainstream media—it seems like “voodoo” and I cannot explain WHY it works, but it does (instantly)!  I have seen improvements in all aspects of my life – I have lost weight, am off all medications, am happier and healthier, and even my finances have improved!” —Missy W.