If your energy is zapped, body is fatigued and you are emotionally drained, my “ReClaim Yourself” Discovery Session is just what you need…

Break Through YOUR Invisible Barrier To Energize Your Body and Transform Your Life So You Can Fall Back In Love With Your Life.


Hi, I’m Amy, and I get it. As I was approaching 40, running a business, and raising 4 children with the youngest still a baby, “IT” started. I woke up not just tired but exhausted, no matter how much sleep I got. I went through my day buried in overwhelm and feeling lonely… feeling like I was just existing in the monotony of life. It was like I was silently screaming…

But what could I DO about IT?
How could I feel like ME again?

I have worked with women who have faced this very same challenge but were looking for weight loss first to feel better about themselves. I knew the weight was a symptom to a deeper health and emotional issue but now it was my turn. THERE HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY!

Well, it turns out there were a few important Key Elements I didn’t know… about myself.
Discovering them allowed me to finally recharge… to change my path for myself and teach others they can too.


You can ‘ReClaim Yourself,’ you just need a little hand holding and a more customized approach to unzap your energy, revitalize your body and nourish your spirit.

The key elements helped me customize and blaze my own vibrant path. Now I wake up happy and excited to start my day, bringing meaning to my life. Knowing I matter and make a difference within myself and others doing what I love.  I have energy from morning to night. And bye-bye BLOATING, hello HOT STUFF!

Taking this approach by discovering my barriers, has also allowed me to finally shed those last stubborn 10 pounds! It’s so liberating to experience such a new lease on life… when you felt so stuck, confused and lost before! And I want this same liberating and life-changing experience for you.

Are you ready? If the Desire Is There (and I mean TRULY there), it’s time for us to talk…


Let’s meet for an EMPOWERING, 1-on-1 call where I’ll walk you through:
• Discovering YOUR TOP INVISIBLE BARRIER to reclaiming your health, inner joy and spirit. You know… nourishing your body and soul. (Without knowing this barrier you keep running into it and wonder why you are so tired and frustrated)
• Uncovering YOUR ‘Feel Better’ strategies, from releasing stress triggers before they start, to understanding what food sensitivities are and how they could be contributing to your health and negative life patterns.
• Identifying YOUR ‘Positive Mindset Motivator’ to squash those inner beliefs that are holding you back and spring you into immediate – and inspired – action that excites you and give you confidence that every step you take will bring you closer to your desired VIBRANT SELF!
And this 45-minute DISCOVERY SESSION won’t cost you a single dime.

But it’s not totally free. It will cost you a heartfelt commitment to both YOU and me. See, there are only a LIMITED NUMBER of Discovery Session spots available. So please be sure you’ve looked within and KNOW you’re ready to look even deeper to make the changes you so desire. The changes you deserve.

Once you’re sure you’re ready, please complete the confidential application below to be considered for one of these coveted spots.Once you submit the questionnaire, you’ll be taken to page for scheduling your appointment.

Don’t waste another minute… 

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and overtired, one minute can easily turn into never. But if you have an honest desire to work within to heal your body, calm your mind, find your heart and nourish your soul so you can live a life of abundant energy, vitality and joy… you don’t have to wait anymore. Your journey starts here.


Empowering You, Amy Lundberg Your lifestyle fitness coach, working from the “inside out” to reach your ultimate health and happiness P.S. The YOU you used to know…she’s still in there. Fill out the application for Complimentary “Reignite Your Inner Spark” Discovery Session, and let’s find her!