How To Move From the Nagging Should To Heart’s Desire to Definitive Action

At our house, the kids are back in school, evenings are starting to cool off for watching soccer games and enjoying beautiful sunsets, and I’m getting back into morning self-care rituals that set me up for a great start!

After a 3 week hiatus from exercising – yep, even I have my ups and downs with exercise and eating “right” – things are finally falling back into place.  How about you?

This time of the year is a great time to stop, pause and reflect on your most inner thoughts to see what you feel you “should” do vs. desire to do.

Is your head saying you “should” while your heart is saying “no”?  What do you do then?

You see, when making a goal, decision, or commitment to doing something for yourself, you look to come from a place of deepest core self – where head and heart meet.  And that isn’t easy when you have the one, two or all five defenses creep up like people ‘pleaser, self-saboteur, inner critic, care-taker or poor me…..stopping you….unconsciously.

This applies to anything in your life, including:

  • exercise
  • losing weight
  • taking better care of your health
  • reversing diabetes
  • healing your thyroid
  • controlling your blood sugars
  • replenishing your adrenals
  • healing relationships
  • reducing stress
  • career change
  • cutting back on alcohol, sweets, or even TV or social media

When you align your decisions with your deepest self, from a place that “feels” good to you, your actions are fulfilling, you become more productive, and enjoy life…even when there are setbacks.

If you come from a place of defense (head only), and you let “should” run your life, you are easily distracted by the responsibilities and over indulgences of life and feelings of shame, disappointment, sad, anger, and frustration can creep up.

How would you like to let that all go? How would you like to shift that?

Doing something for yourself from your core self – heart, mind, and soul – is how you break the lifestyle patterns that keep you stuck and self-sabotaging…even with the best intentions!

For a moment pause, think…how your life would look like, feel like, be like….. if you could create the life and energy you heart desires? The body that gives you the energy the health, to live a fulfilling vibrant life? What would be different about you? How would you be expressing yourself through your work, relationships, family and finances, if you listened to what your soul is quietly whispering to you?

Lovely mature woman looking away in thought

I sincerely hope that you are where you want to be or on your way to accomplishing those goals you set for yourself! I want that for all of us! Keep going! I’m your biggest cheerleader!

If you’re not quite where you want to be, I invite you to find quiet time for yourself and listen to what your needs are. Move out of your head and breathe into your heart, play soft music… be in silence…go for walk in nature…get connected to the earth…relax your body and listen to your soul, what is it whispering to you? What are you feeling? Shhhh…listen….and…then follow the messages.

Jay did just that through Energize Your Body Energize Your Life Transformational program. She in the evenings would sit outside on the deck or start a bonfire in her yard and just listen to her inner most thoughts and asked what her heart was desiring. Her heart wanted to play, have fun and not take everything so seriously. Through the transformational coaching processes she found the vows and beliefs she held within her that stopped her every time she started to have fun. It became a negative lifestyle pattern that lead her to adrenal fatigue that caused her thyroid to become sluggish and later immense hot flashes. Jay was able to recognize the pattern she was living, felt her way out of it and took action to play. When resistance popped up, she knew what that felt like, recognized as a vow and applied her self-help transformational tools along with bi-weekly Full Spectrum Energy Healings she learned to move through the resistance and play, laugh, and enjoy all that she has accomplished that day, week, hour, relationships, friends, hobbies etc. without filling it up with “more to do’s and not enough’ s.”

Give it a try! You might just be surprised at what you hear 🙂

With open arms and tremendous love being sent your way,


P.S. If you are looking for support, direction, a holistic alternative ways to feel better, someone that will listen and guide you an “Ignite Your Spark” Complimentary Discovery Session would be just the thing to start with.

I want you to get your life back, energy up, health thriving…get that spark back that gets you excited about your day, life, relationships, career, family…everything! Come on over and be heard, guided and welcomed as you reclaim your Spark.

adminHow To Move From the Nagging Should To Heart’s Desire to Definitive Action

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