Intuitive Eating


Intuitive Eating

“I know, another diet to try, maybe this one will work”. Or, “The previous diet worked, I did loose 20 pounds maybe I will try that one again.” Does these words sound familiar? There is a solution but you have to be willing to walk through that door to find it. Intuitive eating is not a diet and if you are looking for one – click away. This program is for those who are tired of the yo you dieting cycle, tired of feeling shame and guilt. Tired of feeling like your body is worthless. It is teaching how to eat normal, stopping deprivation, to teach healthy body esteem and to give back each person a sense of dignity about themselves that diets have taken away!

If you:

  • Have learned that the “Quick Fix” doesn’t work
  • Understand that your emotional life may get in the way of whatever diet or regimen you follow
  • Are tired of the tyranny of the Bathroom Scale
  • Have found food has become your enemy and guilt a familiar feeling…
  • Tired of beating yourself up because of another failed attempt at dieting
  • Sick of hearing all it takes is “Willpower”

Then it is time to move beyond dieting and the media hype and introduce you to INTUITIVE EATING anti-dieting philosophy that replaces external eating with a hunger-based approach

Instead of adopting a short-term strategy to drop a few pounds, (which may backfire and result in twice the weight gain) focus on finding a balanced approach to eating and exercise that you can enjoy and keep you healthy over the long haul. ( Go here for a FREE consult to see if this is right for you.)

Choose a program that gives you back YOUR POWER that deprivation diets have taken from you.

Intuitive Eating:

  • Teaches you non-diet thinking and allows you to eat your favorite food without feeling guilt or shame
  • Puts you in charge of what you eat, rather than giving up your power to the latest fad diet.
  • Is nourishing to the body and the mind.  It regularly fuels us with appropriate amounts of food, creating physical energy and promoting emotional stability
  • Gives you the capability of sensing the nutritional needs of the body. Learn how to have no restrictions on eating, the intuitive eater considers the full range of food possibilities and carefully weighs available choices against physical prompting’s.
  • Recognize your external motives for eating (environmental, social, emotional) and how to effectively manage such situations to avoid emotional overeating and/or deprivation. Emotions are no longer dealt with through consumption of food
  • Environmental and social eating occasions are managed through hunger-based eating with an emphasis on what I call avoiding “chasing the dragon.”

We have put together a program that will teach you Intuitive Eating to loose weight in a healthy manner that honors your body and self.

Here is just a sampling of what we will be teaching you.

  1. Why diets are so destructive and cause us weight gain
  2. Discover your personal habits that are not in alignment with your true self and how to change them
  3. Learn exercises that bring you joy, energy and confidence
  4. Learn and understand the nutrition content of the main food categories and their satiation capacity (both physically and psychologically)
  5. Figure out how much food you actually need to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  6. Discover the physiology behind hunger, cravings, and contentment
  7. Learn to eat normal meals that honor you and make you feel good
  8. Learn your bodies hunger cues
  9. Learn tools to breakaway from emotional eating

To learn more on how this could easily launch you an entire new outlook of how you view your body, and food call for a consultation at                    or sign up here for a free consult.

Gain the knowledge and tools that radiates self esteem and self confidence!

Testimonial by Terrie Wurzbacher:

I was at rock bottom weight wise when “coincidence” brought amy into my life. She called me for a reference about another program and I asked what she did. Because I was at rock bottom, it was perfect timing…I do believe that things happen for a reason. and here’s the story of my 7 months with Amy…..
Amy is the first person in my entire 57 years of dieting who has helped me in ………..
more about Terrie’s Story and other testimonials go here

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