How Aim For It Has Helped Others Achieve Their Fitness DREAMS!


Before One Year Later

Working with Amy as a lifestyle fitness coach really helped me to understand how much stress played a part in my obesity. Each session was so individualized to my specific needs, and she coached me through many aspects of my life to help me reduce stress, make healthier eating choices, and exercise regularly. I lost 30 pounds, toned up, I feel much stronger, healthier, look better, and I feel that I now have the tools to keep going. I have kept the weight off for over a year, and that is quite a feat for me, since I have always called myself the Queen of the Yo-Yo Dieters.

Kris Leach
Detroit Lakes, MN


I was at rock bottom weight wise when “coincidence” brought Amy into my life. Amy called me for a reference about another program and I asked what she did, because I was at rock bottom, it was perfect timing…I do believe that things happen for a reason and here’s the story of my 7 months with Amy…..

Amy is the first person in my entire 57 years of dieting who has helped me in a completely different wayFirst, she practices what she preaches. Her program is multifaceted and I think that is a primary reason it works. Another reason is that she keeps hounding you, albeit very gently until what she’s trying to get you to learn eventually sinks in. Her intuitive eating program is well named but not for the reason she thinks. Her intuition is phenomenal. She knows what you’re thinking and when and then makes you realize it.

Even though I had a personal trainer, I used Amy’s program to include my aerobic exercise program which supplemented the strength training. Amy was fantastic about not crossing anyone’s lines and always was conscious of my trainer’s thoughts and ideas. The way she made me record the calories in and out really helped me see the things that I “knew” but never felt. The caltrac (with which I had a love hate relationship) I could see when I was goofing off and not exercising and then I could see when things that surprised me, like cleaning, burned up tons of calories. Amy wasn’t about how many calories I put in my mouth and what foods they were. She was about being heallthy, not obsessed, not compulsive, about trying to learn what “normal” means.

Her intuitive eating program is a fancy name for figuring out why you’re an emotional eater..and if you think you’re not, wait til you work with her. I would never have called it that. I would have used the socially acceptable phrase “compulsive overeater” even though that still sounds horrible…for me to admit that I have gotten to my weight because of my emotions was not something I wanted to hear but she helped me get there, very gently. She never pushed, never got mad, she just let me have one after another “aha’s” and helped me work with them when they came.Amy is very patient and constantly reinforces the progress I’ve made, rather than wishing I was further along or that I had done something differently. I think she realizes that I can be harsh enough on myself that she doesnt have to help, but she always kept me centered. The really neat thing is that she allowed me to regain control of my self and my emotions (which I must admit I really do have) and she helped me see how I was letting food, the scale, the circumstances in my life, other people’s opinions (the ones I thought they had from my “mind reading”) control me. When I began to realize that I was able to stop and tell myself that I did not want them to have control over what I feel (and therefore do, e.g. eating or spending money). I was able to realize that if I couldnt control what was going on outside me, then my reaction was to take control and just eat what I wanted and to heck with the world. I was missing all those steps in between where I could control how I thought about things, how I felt about things and then how I reacted or acted. I found out that I could control my feelings WITHOUT having to shove something in my mouth.

Although I’m still having some trouble with it, Amy did teach me that there are no good or bad foods – that it all has to do with amount, balance and exercise. I’ve learned that intellectually and I’m working on getting it through the grey matter into my inner child/subconscious.. but she’s very patient (more so than I am) and gently prods me when necessary.

One of the first things she had me do was look at a book and listen to the CDs on Un-Dieting and boy did that help me get things going. Paying attention to whether I was satiated or not was so important AND helpful especially in the beginning. Its like making sure you pay attention to the proper technique when doing any physical activity. You have to pay attention to your form to get the best results. Well, you have to pay attention to your eating to get the best results too and that means using food as fuel, not an emotional crutch or a pleasurable activity.

Through working with Amy, I now am 40 pounds lighter BUT that’s not the important thing. I am a long way from where I would like to be weight wise so don’t think I’m just writing this because I’ve achieved all my goals. No way.  But I will tell you that I am soo much happier with myself and my life. My healthy eating and exercise habits are just that now, habits, not something I “have” to do for a short period of time and then “I can go back to what I like to eat” – no, I’m happy with my food choice and amounts now.  That’s not to say that at times I dont want sweets but it’s a lot less often than ever before in my life and Amy has taught me how to look at those desires and figure out where they are coming from. Once I do that I can make a conscious decision about whether I choose to honor the “urges” or not. More often than not, I realize there was something going on in my emotions that was making me want to use the food as a crutch.

I am happier, much more social, taking new risks (risks for me but not for most people), and challenging myself in so many different ways and enjoying my outlook on everything and I owe it all to Amy. I would love to talk to anyone who wants some more information. All I can say is “thank you so much Amy”

Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher
San Antonia TX

This has been my best experience with fitness to date and I can say that I have tried a vast array of workout facilities, personal trainers, and exercise programs.  Never setting a reasonable goal, with a reasonable timeline, and certainly never achieving what I had intended.

To simply highlight the points that I think set Amy’s program above all else is:

  • The appointments are easy to schedule and are short.
  • Her program doesn’t require specific appointments at an exercise facility.  With three small children and 30-minute commute to town, I found it difficult to get to the fitness center.
  • All aspects are designed specifically for me within the time I have available without having to rearrange my life to fit exercise in.  She showed me where I was getting a lot of physical activity that I had not considered “exercise.”
  • She is caring and very cognizant that by working with what is going on in my life she can help me achieve a better result.  Working within what is already going on instead of creating something totally new that needs to be managed, I have stayed with her program longer than anything I have tried previously.
  • She is careful to help me set goals that are short-term, as well as long-term, that I can actually accomplish.  They are reasonable so they get done which brings about a great sense of accomplishment and encourages me to do more.
  • I have had to buy some smaller jackets which is fun.
  • I’ve gotten tons of compliments from people I’ve not seen in a while.
  • I’m trying to eat when I’m hungry and quit when I’m full.  Just thinking those thoughts stops me at the refrigerator day long enough to ask myself if I’m really hungry or not.  I’m usually not.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who is wishing to make some long-term changes.

  • ONE YEAR LATER: I found I have time for excercise and planning meals.  I’m not rushed or stressed.  I feel great.   Now I’m busier than ever but I haven’t lost the principles that Amy and I worked on.  I know when I need a break now.  I am even aware what my stress feels like and how it manifests so that I can head it off or redirect it.  I have lost and kept my weight off and can now see my abs!

Kristine Walsh
Park Rapids, MN

If you are like me, you already know why you are overweight and what you need to do to lose the weight, yet you can’t seem to get there.  I did exercise – I did strength/cardio workouts 3 times a week.  Yet – I did not lose any weight.  I did not gain any weight either – but just maintained.  My problem was related to my food consumption.

Amy helped me learn about intuitive eating.  And what I mean by that is – she taught me about really listening to my stomach to know when I was satisfied, not full, but satisfied.  Yes – that’s right.  It sounds simple, but it takes time and patience to really know the difference.  Most of us our so accustomed to eating everything on our plate – not really even paying attention to what our mouth or stomach is telling us.  I learned to taste my food – really enjoy it, for the texture and for the taste.  But the biggest help for me was the learning the hunger scale.  With this scale – I was able to realize that if I ate every meal to feel full, I would just maintain weight.  Over time, I was able to know when I was satisfied and then I stopped eating.  When I paid attention, I was amazed at how much less food I really needed to eat in a day.

With Amy’s guidance, I became in control of my eating.

Julie K.
Edina, MN

I would highly recommend the Intuitive Eating program. I have come away from the program with a freedom from past emotional and eating issues. By taking time for myself and dealing with my core issues and anxiety, I was able to stop my overeating. I learned to honor my body—both physically and emotionally—and to nurture myselfin these areas. With Amy I was able to do all of this in a very fun and positive manner.

Kathy Schlick
Prior Lake, MN

Before working with Amy, I struggled to make time for my health and fitness. With a busy lifestyle, and demanding work schedule I found I was so busy meeting the needs and expectations of others, I was not taking care of my physical health.

Amy’s encouragement and guidance helped me realize that taking time to exercise is so important.

She gave me strategies to know that no matter what may happen in a given week, I could and would still meet my exercise goals.  More than that though, Amy helped me overcome some of my negative thinking and to instead embrace this journey to health as a life-giving and postitive experience. Sometimes I still hear Amy’s encouraging voice in my head just when I need it the most!  I really appreciated Amy’s holistic, mind-body-spirit approach and recommend her to anyone seeking a more fit and healthy life. I am exercising regularly, gaining strength and toning up. Energy has increased and I have reduced my medication!

Brenda N,
Detroit Lakes, MN

It has been my privelage to work together with Amy to help me to lose my excess weight. I enrolled in the intuitive eating program  that Amy offers. I didn’t really know what to expect. I was surprised at how “in-depth” this program was. We explored deep seated issues as to why I overeat, and Amy was patient as to how to “re=program” those feelings into constructive, rather than destructive ones. I am making slow but steady progress in reshaping(literally) the future me.

I feel more energized...less stressed and have a more positive outlook. I have NOT been starving myself and I have been losing pounds! I would highly recommend Amys programs. She has been a wonderful, informative and supportive friend.

Kim Schnitzer


I thought I was doing all the right things, eating the appropriate foods,working out in the weight room, walking regularly, but the weight was not coming off — until I learned about ‘undieting’ and getting rid of self-sabotaging behaviors.  My Fitness Coach, Amy Lundberg, does a fabulous job of working with her clients — she helped me focus on activity and my attitude while teaching me to be more aware of the reasons behind the self-sabotage… on ALL different levels — from fitness, to business and personal life self-sabotage.  The skills and personal accountability that I have learned in working with Amy are being applied on a daily basis!  Plus I’m losing weight and getting healthier every day!  I highly recommend Amy’s coaching program to anyone who wants to make a difference in their fit-life.

Sue Tomte, Park Rapids, MN

After Lifestyle Fitness Coachingclip 2 years later 

I would like to take this opportunity and say thank you!
You have truly assisted me in setting boundaries and priorities in my life.

I knew all the “know how” but I did not embrace it as a “life” change and eventually, my exercising and conscience eating stopped.

Every day would go by and I would have every intention of exercising but I did not.  At the same time, my life was filled with many activities, tasks, functions and commitments.  I was on auto-pilot for several months and was not taking time to think about what I was doing, I just did it because it needed to be done.  I am a minority partner in a successful consulting firm which requires travel; a single parent; own a dog-boarding business (hobby); and volunteer for a few community organizations.  Therefore I had created a schedule that had no time for me.   What I realized was that I was not feeling or experiencing life; I was just doing.  So although I wanted and asked for help with fitness coaching, it was not what I needed at that time, but I did not realize it initially.  Amy and I went through the Personal Self Care Sessions first and it was an excellent series.

I would meet with Amy weekly via phone for 30 minutes.  I would have weekly goals or objectives, and sometimes activities to complete.  It was never a large time commitment but more incorporating boundaries and limitations and then documenting how I felt about it.  I am not one to sit still or to have time unscheduled in my day, therefore some of my “homework” was to sit quietly and not have anything scheduled or journal my thoughts or make a conscience effort not to turn on my computer first thing when I get up in the morning.  All of these were challenging at first, as I have an internal instinct to help others and need to make sure things are taken care of, regardless of my own internets, care or needs.  The Personal Self Care sessions were essential for me.  I have now been able to establish boundaries and make time for myself.  I still accomplish and participate in all of the same activities and functions, as I did before, but I have been able to manage how much and ensure that they do not consume me or my time.  And, I have found that I am healthier because I am not “functioning without feelings” or performing on “auto-pilot” all the time, every day.  Yes, it does still happen, but the key is I now know how to recognize it and can resist the habit and go back to the balanced schedule we established.  I highly recommend this coaching session for others who are overwhelmed by their schedule, commitments and work activities.

Once we completed the Personal Self Care sessions we took a two week break and then approached the health and fitness concerns I had initially.  Now, I was ready to make time for exercise and to be active in improving my health.  I know now that I would not have been able to succeed in making these changes, had I not gone through the Personal Self Care coaching first.  Again, I am not perfect but I do get exercise in 3-5 times a week.  I have dropped three dress/clothes sizes and continue to work at it.  I am able to give myself permission to take time for me and not inflict guilt upon myself.  I have also incorporated exercise time with my daughterat least once a week.

In the end, I am so thankful for 2006 and the time I spent with Amy investing in me.  I am a work in progress and I know that, but I feel better on all accounts; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  I am more aware of my feelings, thoughts, and needs than ever.  Most importantly, I have strengthened my relationship with my daughter and have become a better parent.  Using the techniques Amy and I discussed and implemented for my life, I am able to be a better role model for her.  I see a lot of me in her as she is very sequential, analytical and a schedule is important.

My fears, prior to working with Amy, were around letting people down, not being available to help, and not being accessible in my job, family, relationships, and community.  Therefore I naturally drove myself to make sure these things never happened.  I believed if someone had a need, and I could help, I needed to do it right then and there.  I do not share these fears today.  I am more comfortable and balanced in understanding what my life is, how and what I need to do, and conscience of when things are busy, hectic or overwhelming.

Thank you Amy!  I truly am appreciative your help and assistance.  Your style, approach, and ability to listen during these sessions is a gift.

Wendy Kadner

After going through many difficult times and changes in recent years I began seekinglynnettedeeper answers to questions like . . why am I here? What is true happiness and peace? etc. After struggling with these questions I’m seeing the fog lift and some key elements my future holds. Upon seeing that future I knew that I wanted to become the best I could be and that Must to be healthy of body, mind and spirit. The area I need help in was getting on track with my eating and fitness habits so that my body would be healthy enough to sustain me as I seek new and exciting horizons.

The intuitive eating program has helped me to realize when I’m eating out of hunger or emotions. When I’m eating to fill an emptiness I can identify what is going on within me that I am seeking to fill and what other options I have other than food. I’ve found it to be true that we fail many times before we can be successful at our greatest challenges and the key is not giving upThanks for reminding me that lifetime changes don’t happen overnight and it’s about dealing with the deeper issues that have kept us from becoming our best.Thank you Amy for never judging and allowing your love for mankind help me achieve my greatest desires. I’m a work in progress and thankful you are at my side.

You came into my life at the perfect time.

Kiss the kids –

Lynnette Price
Detroit Lakes

Battling weight gain in my 40’s was feeling hopeless. Nothing was working, from counting points to counting calories to protein diets to exercise routines, and I was really frustrated. Aim-for-It helped me find the right mix for me without concentrating so heavily on food. Working with a trainer helps to motivate and move you through each week at your own speed and promises results if you just follow the customized plan for you. It worked dramatically for me!

It empowered me to believe I could make results happen. I was able to lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks! I felt energized and motivated to keep on going. Even though I still wanted to lose a few more pounds, I was able to fit back into many of my clothes and was able to shop for a beautiful new dress for my daughter’s December wedding.

Best of all, I learned exactly what I needed to do to keep the weight off for a lifetime without having to search for any more quick fixes that never worked. I would recommend Aim For It for anyone at any age that wants to feel and look better.

Dennise Peterson


I was an emotional eater, a yo-yo dieter and inconsistent with exercise. This program through Amy has helped me to identify WHY I’m eating when I’m not hungery and to identify what my needs really are and to meet them in ways other than food. I have never felt deprived.

The personalized one-on-one guidance and coaching that Amy offers gave me the motivation and tools I needed each week to continue with exercise and therefore improve my mental outlook.I have maintained my weight loss for one year and am motivated to exercise consistently. I believe the key reason this has worked for me is the personalized one-on-one weekly sessions with Amy. To date I have dropped 2 dress sizes. Fitness coaching and Intuitive eating combo works!!!

Jodi Eidenshcink
Detroit Lakes

Dear Amy,

atestI just have to write this. We’ve just finished our last session, and I’m sitting here feeling terrible! I’ve learned so much from you these last 6 months. All the support, challenges, and encouragement you’ve given me have been unbelievable! And I’ll miss you.  But I also realize, because of all that, I can continue on my own. You’ve given me the confidence to make a better life for myself.

When we first started, you were my last ditch effort at losing weight. I had tried all the “classic” diets in my life, with some success, only to gain it all back and then some! And when we talked, I had resigned myself to the fact that if this didn’t work, I was going to give up and be a “big boned, big person” for the rest of my life.

I also remember thinking to myself after our first couple of weeks, when is she going to tell me what to eat? Or at least ask what am I currently eating? I was ready for those questions. And frankly, was looking forward to telling you I could go for several days without eating. I always believed that the less you eat, the less you weigh. And I had mastered this very well. I no longer felt hunger, or felt full when I did eat. I rarely even thought about food. It was so much easier to go without, than to cook something. Little did I know, that my body was taking everything I did eat and turn it into FAT!Because it didn’t know when the next time would be. So imagine my surprise when you told me I had to start eating something every 4 hours!! That first week, I ate, and ate, and ate, so sure I was gaining weight and this was the dumbest program I’d ever tried. But when the time came to get on the scale, I had lost just over 5 pounds!!! I learned that I had to eat to lose weight. And I had to eat regularly. This was a big lifestyle change for me.

And that’s really what I think your program is Amy, A lifestyle changeIt’s not a diet; it’s not an exercise program. It’s looking at the why, when, and how do I feel or think about food that makes your program so different. Through our weekly talks and working with you I’ve learned to look at the whole life, not just the diet. The diet is only a small part of the “weight” problem. I’ve learned I’m important, I’m more than what the scale says, and I’ve learned to take care of myself. Your program is a lifestyle, so much more than a diet.

How do I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for all that you’ve taught me. Because of you, I truly believe that I can have a better, healthier, and even a longer life. You’ve taught me that I am important, that I can take time for me, and I can feel good about me no matter what the scale says. You’ve given me more than you’ll ever know. Everyone and anyone can learn something from your program and its well worth it. God bless you and your work, I wish you every success.

LoAnn Thompson
Financial Services Representative
New York Life, Ins.

SJE Rhombus faced challenges that derive directly from how health choices can negatively impact not only individuals, but also our company’s bottom line. This motivated the SJE-Rhombus Wellness Committee to proactively explore a wellness program for our employees. A 12-week WISE program (Weight, Inches, Smoking Cessation and Exercise) was developed. Expert Lifestyle Fitness Coach Amy Lundberg owner of AFIFC jump started our focus by customizing a 12 week wellness program for our employees that included weekly meetings seaking on ideas, tools, and simple strategies to help our employees successfully achieve long standing health and fitness habits. With Amy’s weekly topics directed towards living a healthy fit lifestyle and her “outside the box” approach she facilitated the beginning of paradigm shifting with our company employees. Amy’s quick to implement strategies and her motivating presence moved employees into action and gave them simple lifestyle changes that would make a difference. She helped make our WISE program successful! Employees began to implement necessary changes to living healthier lives.

We were very pleased with Amy’s skills, expertise, and enthusiasm she brought to SJE-Rhombus, we lost a total of 642.10 total pounds and 201.25 inches, and we had 4 employees participant in Smoking Cessation.

Natasha Nodsle, SJE Rhombuse

I used to lie awake each night hating myself and my weight. I would try to think of some new kind of dieting torture or fitness routine that I would force myself to do the next day; I would weigh myself every morning when I woke up and every night before bed. The scale ruled my moods and life . I was never able to follow any kind of dieting program for more than a few weeks, then along with the feeling of failure came weeks of neglectful eating. Somehow I had lost the strong, sexy, confidant woman I once was and was masquerading as a frazzled mom and wife. Through Amy’s lifestyle and fitness coaching I have rediscovered the sexy woman that I have always been. I have learned to take good care of me as well as my husband and kids. I no longer look for excuses not to exercise or eat right, in fact I seem to naturally look for opportunities to better myself, I have even found how enjoyable exercising with the kids can be. Learning to eat intuitively has empowered me to keep up the consistency of bettering myself because I no longer feel deprived or that dreaded feeling of failure of “going off my diet.” I never realized how much more often I was trying to read other people’s emotions than identifying and responding to my own. I have truly become the healthy, happy mother/wife that I have always wanted to be, I love myself and I am able to pass that on to my family. Knowing that I am teaching my children by example to be healthy both physically and mentally makes me feel better than any scale or quickie diet ever could. Lifestyle fitness coaching/Intuitive eating with Amy has shown me results greater than what any scale could measure, and the benefits will last me a very healthy lifetime.

Kathy Jacobson

When “Regis and Kelly” were a part of my morning routine, and when I knew what time “The View,” “Ophrah,” and “Law and Order” were on TV, I realized it was time to take some of my life back. Some serious surgeries had led me into quite a sedentary lifestyle. Because I have always enjoyed exercise, it was natural that this would be my first step to gaining control.

I contacted Amy Lundberg with confidence that she could help me rescue myself. Because that is exactly what she does – she motivates you to develop into the best that you can be. No one else can do it for you, but with Amy’s ability to encourage, it makes the road less insurmountable.

We decided on a program that would last six to eight months, at which time we would evaluate my progress. Then, Amy started meeting me for personal training two times a week. It seemed so hopeless at first. But with each session, I gained strength and ability. I have some old joint injuries we had to work around, but with her expertise, we were able to increase the strength of the muscles around the injuries. Amy’s positive attitude and bubbly personality was infectious. I looked forward to working out. Each week I felt better.

I wanted to lose a few pounds too. Amy really discouraged dieting and weighing. Instead, she suggested healthy ways to eat what you enjoy, and just watch how the pants fit. By the end of several weeks, my pants were baggy.

My goal was to be able to bike the Heartland Trail from Park Rapids to Walker and back. Last fall, I got my reward when my husband and I did just that. Not only did we have a wonderful time, but I was CAPABLE OF DOING IT! Her program catapulted me into a better place not only physically, but mentally as well. Exercise is so much more that how I look in a mirror. Feeling better about my body energizes me and makes me feel better about myself in general.

I no longer do personal training with Amy. Her friendship on a weekly basis is really missed. However, she enabled me to go on to the next step, which is to go it on my own. Now, I work out three times a week at a circuit training class. In my mind, I see her cheer on each of my exercise endevors. I appreciate every minute spent with her helping me to improve my self, my abilities, and my attitudes. If you are ready for a change – call Amy.

Corrine Skarie

“I like most everyone else was a yo-yo exerciser; gain weight-exercise-lose weight-quit; gain weight-exercise-lose weight-quit and on and on.

I met Amy and hired her for a personal trainer and things went great. I am a traveling salesman and when on the road all my non-exercising habits came back. That’s when Amy introduced Fitness by Phone. By implementing Fitness by Phone I have maintained the exercise program and feel great. The program tells you what to do and how to get there. Amy’s coaching, motivation and knowledge are what everyone needs. “Aim-for-Its Fitness by Phone is your fuel for energy”

Terry Maier

When I first started the Aim For It program, I had my doubts that it would even work. I had tried many different programs in the past and thought, “Why should this program be any better”; especially when Amy would only be talking to me over the telephone.

Well, I am here to tell everyone that it is the best program I have ever been on! I have lost 18 pounds after the first 12 weeks and have gone from a size 20 to a size 16 (I haven’t been a size 16 for over ten years)! I have 22 pounds to go to reach my goal and I believe it will happen through the support of Amy and the Aim For It fitness program.

Thanks Amy,
Lanette Inderrieden

To Whom It May Concern:

I met Amy Lundberg approximately one year ago at The Women’s Showcase, an annual event in my hometown of Fargo, North Dakota.

I am a person that is always open to new and innovative ideas for learning and experiencing ways in which I can promote good health and weight loss. I’ve been on many programs most of my adult life with most of them successful, but very short-lived and the program always lacking in education and maintenance. When I saw the Fitness by Phone booth I must say I was intrigued at this new concept. In fact, I was so impressed with Amy and her program that I signed up almost immediately. We met at my office shortly after the show and she initiated a program for me and I was set to go.

I have been working with Amy ever since-almost one year now. I initially started a program at home by myself and had been successful at losing 38 pounds, but I was “stuck” after that and very frustrated. Through Amy’s constant support, knowledge and motivation I lost an additional 41 pounds. I’ve never felt better and have learned to like exercising and have seen the importance for doing so.

This testimonial is two-fold. I would like to commend this program for it’s concept and structure and feel that I can do this the rest of my life. It is sound and successful with no gimmicks. The other half of this letter is to commend my coach Amy Lundberg. I have always felt that if you gave three people the same idea to convey they will all convey it differently. Amy is extremely knowledgeable in this field and it shows. She teaches you not only this program, but includes counseling, suggestions, motivation and friendship-all components needed to make any program work, but is very much lacking in most of the people I have encountered to try to achieve my goal. Never in my life would I have dreamed of running a race. She encouraged me to do one in my hometown and I did the full 6 miles of a run/walk race. I was one of the last heats to come in, but incredibly proud that I even had the nerve to do it. Thanks to Amy I am confident enough to continue doing something like this regardless of my embarrassment of placing last!

I cannot say enough about Amy. I have placed my full trust in her to help me achieve my goals and I plan on continuing with my program with her. I do not want to give the impression that it has been an easy road-weight loss never is-but, because of a strong fitness coach like Amy, she has gotten me through the tough times and always encourages me to call even when it is not my appointment time. She e-mails me constantly with uplifting and motivational inspirations and I love that! When you find the person that you click with like I have with Amy-anything is possible.

I highly recommend Amy and the Fitness by Phone program. Coming from a person that as struggled with eating disorders and weight loss, I can honestly and whole-heartedly say that this has been the most successful program for me that I have ever been on-and I’ve been on most of them!

Here’s to your health!
Respectfully Submitted,
Jacqueline A. Green

My Exercise Experience (Oct. 10, 2000)

December 3, 1999, a family member (5 years my junior); had heart attack and almost died… “I got religion” not only for myself but also for my husband that I love so much. We came home form the emergency room and removed his stored hunting clothes from our exercise bike and treadmill. Our exercise program had begun.

By my March annual physical the walking and exercise bike routine resulted in a five-pound weight loss instead of the usual five-pound gain. I was participating in a “coaching program” that showed the need and benefit of starting an exercise for life program.

Step one was to “hire a professional exercise coach” to help me establish a lifelong routine that I could follow without getting frustrated or bored.

Amy Lundberg came highly recommended and at our April 2000, initial consultation we decided an exercise and nutritional program, which would be enhanced with strength training and liquid vitamins. I was concerned about “finding the time for exercise” but Amy showed me how the treadmill jog shortened my walking exercise time by 20 minutes and was a better workout for the heart. I wear a heart monitor and calorie monitor to increase my awareness of how efficiently I’m exercising.

One Saturday we went to the park for my workout. I can’t remember the last time I ran in the park or ran anywhere for that matter! The idea behind Aim For It is to add a variety of exercise that you like doing and can do inside or outside.

Initially I went to the fitness center for instruction by my goal was to do the exercise in the convenience of my home or neighbor hood. Within a short time I bought size 12 denim shorts and as the weeks passed I was buying the same shorts in size 10 and then in size 8. I have lost 10 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of lean body mass. I have kept the alterations department of my clothing store very busy reconstructing my entire wardrobe.

Exercise had become “something I look forward to doing” and I no longer need or want a distraction while I do it. I now pack my tennis shoes along with my heels when I travel out of town. During the recent Dick Beardsley 5K, I finished in 30.30 minutes coming in 91st overall & 4th for my age group (50-59).

I have been transformed both physically and mentally. I will remain eternally grateful to my Coach, Amy Lundberg, for helping me to achieve this change in my life as well as my husband’s! If you are in doubt if you can’t do this I suggest the following quote: “drag the body and the mind with follow!” I’d love to talk to you about my experience. Amy has my phone number. Thank you, Amy!

With Love and Gratitude,
Mary Wichmann
Detroit Lakes

I am a 41 year old mother in a houseful of men. I could probably write a book on most of the diets that have ever been on the market and on many exercise programs. Being an occupational therapist, I have good knowledge of the body and exercise and am even a certified weight training. Even with all this knowledge and a strong drive, I could not lose the weight that I gained when I had my baby—-12 years ago!! My family has a history of hypoglycemia, with both my Dad, Brother and Paternal Aunt being on medication. Every time the doctors tested my thyroid, it came out in the borderline or low normal range. I talked to the doctor about my issues with weight and his response was that it was probably related to being “perimenopausal.” From talking to other women, I believe this is the time from the birth of your last child until you cessation of life!!

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 9 years ago. The last years have been very difficult struggling with pain and stiffness.

Our family leads a very active life playing tennis, biking, golfing, cross country skiing and walking. I exercised besides my family activities and she could help me. I had pretty much given up.

I have worked with Amy for 8 months. I did not loose any weight for the first 4 months, but I was feeling much better and I was motivated. What I learned about exercise was fascinating! I saw that exercising really can be a science. I saw that adjusting your heart rate, intensity and time of exercise made a difference in calorie output.

I continue to exercise and using the heart monitor, caltrac and exercise sheets. I have now lost 27 pounds and am continuing to work hard. I appreciate the support and education that Amy has provided to me. I highly recommend Amy and her expertise.


All my life I have been a yoyo dieter. I knew how to lose the weight, but was never successful at maintaining a weight loss. With Amy’s help, she has made me realize the importance of exercise. By that I don’t mean getting sweaty in the gym everyday, but doing things in your day to day activities that increase your activity level – chasing kids does count!! Amy helped me to understand how to “work” smarter in my work outs, which surprisingly enough, is not necessarily a harder workout.

I also have given up being a slave to the scale! All my life I have been in search of the perfect number. When I hit a rather stubborn plateau during my training, and the scale was not moving AT ALL, Amy suggested to me that maybe I should measure myself. To my great surprise, I found that I was consistently losing inches, while my weight was remaining the same!

Amy has helped me to become comfortable with who I am, what I can accomplish, and understanding that consistency is the key to it all. A little every day goes a long way in reaching your goals.

Donna Sauvageau

I would highly recommend the Intuitive Eating program.  I have come away from the program with a freedom from past emotional and eating issues.  By taking time for myself and dealing with my core issues and anxiety, I was able to stop my overeating.  I learned to honor my body—both physically and emotionally—and to nurture myself in these areas.  With Amy I was able to do all of this in a very fun and positive manner.

Kathy Schlick

My Success Story

I had just been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) when my doctor suggested I try using a fitness coach to help me with my weight loss. Before being diagnosed with PCOS I had spent my life on a weight yo-yo. Most of my life was spent being over weight. I would try to exercise and watch what I ate and that would work for a while. Then I would get to a point where I could not loose weight no matter what. I was even fabulously successful at Weight Watchers. I was on that program for a little less than a year. The first six months I lost weight like there was no tomorrow, even through the holidays that year I lost weight. Then again I got to a point where no matter how few points I counted and how much exercise I did I could not loose weight. I was terribly frustrated. The frustration did a number on my self esteem and I was depressed. Short of starving myself to be a healthy weight I was willing to try anything.

The same day the doctor suggested I call a fitness coach I called Amy Lundberg. I did not know exactly how the coaching was going to work, but whatever was going to happen it was better than doing nothing or starving. The doctor suggested Amy because the doctor said maybe what I needed was to be accountable to someone other than me for exercise and eating habits. The doctor made it sound like Amy would yell at me when I needed to be yelled at for not exercising or eating right. That was not the case. The voice I heard on the phone was very kind and warm, much more like a good friend than a mean old coach. I looked forward to my phone sessions with Amy. She was someone I could talk to who would listen and not judge, not tell me what to do, but she still made suggestions.

Amy was great at making me see what I was doing to myself to hold myself back. She did this in such a way that I almost did not know that I was being asked to be honest about myself, what I was thinking and what I was feeling. In this way she was more of a leader, leading me to make better decisions for myself than I have before. I was a negative thinker when I began with Amy, but she would always point out the progress that I had made and not let me dwell on what I should have done or what I could have done. I am sure it was frustrating for her because I would always have a bunch of stuff I should have done. When I finally came around to the positive side of life I did it by leaps and bounds. I did not change over night. It did not happen just because Amy was my coach, but her suggestions would lead me to another source and usually not by her design I would find confirmation of Amy’s coaching in those other sources. Once I realized what it was like to think positively, how it felt to have a more positive perspective on life, I ran with it.

In the time I have spent with Amy as a fitness coach and in my case an attitude coachI have lost 10 pounds the right way. I have also maintained this weight loss. I now have the tools to continue my weight loss to a healthy weight for my body and my attitude. Amy really has helped me where other programs have failed. I am certain that any program I choose from here on will work because of what Amy has taught me about myself.

Lisa Pfeifer

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