The Pull Towards Oil Pulling

You know Googling “Health Tips” can be extremely overwhelming. The Internet is overflowing with information. Some is helpful. Some has you wondering, “Um. Does that really work?”

That was exactly what I was asking myself when I heard the hype around OIL PULLING. What? Well, there’s a strange habit that can transform your health and it’s made head way into the wellness arena. It’s called oil pulling. Have you tried it?

Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for detoxification and oral hygiene. It is the practice of removing bacteria and toxins from the teeth, gums, and throat using pure oils. It may sound odd, but ancient Indian cultures have done it for years.

So with all  the Root Canals I have had done over the years and cavities from early childhood I wanted to find something other than brushing my teeth and flossing to keep my teeth as healthy as I can. So with my curiosity peaked I tried it.

Oil Pulling Method
Swish 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. Just like mouthwash. You may use coconut oil, sesame seed oil, sunflower oil, or olive oil. It’s best if the oil is organic, extra virgin, and cold pressed. I used coconut oil and do it for 15 minutes, working myself up to 20m 🙂

During those 20 minutes, you can meditate, journal, do gentle stretching, say gratitude, prepare breakfast, or check email. Oil pulling is a great excuse to multi task with your health needs. (And I find my kids don’t ask me questions, or make demands when I am swishing away with my coconut oil…BONUS)

The lipids (or fats) from the oil pull bacteria out of the saliva. The oil mixes with the saliva to form a white liquid. There are thousands of bacteria lingering in the mouth, which create a film on teeth called plaque. After 20 minutes of swishing it around the tongue, gums, and teeth, the oil is spit out into the garbage. Do NOT spit into the sink as the oil can clog the drain. Didn’t know this one right away, so a heads up!

Brush your teeth immediately after to avoid toxins being reabsorbed into the mouth. Your mouth will feel super clean. Your tongue will turn pink, which is a sign of no toxicity.

My results: My teeth turned pearly white! My back tooth that was bothering me stopped and I’m hoping this will head off a root canal! Also I had my first canker sore so with oil pulling along with a special Oral Care Essential oil concoction my canker sore went away within a couple days. Yahoo!

(I do use a dropper full of my Oral Care Essential oil with my coconut oil pulling to help assist the benefits of what the oil pulling.)

Another bonus…my teenage daughters saw how white my teeth got so they now do oil pulling too…no nagging from mom! 🙂

Benefits of Oil Pulling
The list of benefits is long and extends way beyond sparkly teeth.

• Whiter teeth
• Reduces plaque and gingivitis
• Reduces bad breath
• Supports the lymphatic system
• Reduces allergies
• Migraine relief
• Reducing inflammation
• Reduced hangover from overconsumption of alcohol

With such great benefits, give it a try. What’s your experience with oil pulling? I would love to know. Please comment below!

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