What I learned from Miley Cyrus… of all people

What drives you to be happy? What makes you happy, truly happy? Do you remember what that feels like? And when was the last time you felt pure joy?

What I learned from Miley was in this one sentence that had me rethink how I perceive happiness and success. I’m paraphrasing that sentence here but it summed it all:

All the accolades, money, billboard hits, movie success… all of it is stimulating, stimulation but it isn’t happiness. None of it makes you happy.

To me the “BING, BING, BING,” moment rang out. I recognized myself… in that one sentence. All the pressure I put on myself to grow my business, make my professional goals, make money, be a good mom, and all personal aspirations really don’t make me happy BUT I do get a huge ‘high’ off my success. After speaking with a great group of women that get my message, being asked to be interviewed, radio shows, tv shows, meeting financial goals, etc. none of that has made me happy BECAUSE I keep striving for more. It is never quite enough. IT’S STIMULATING. It’s the carrot dangling in front of me that is always there saying just a little bit more, a little bit further, one more thing…

Can you relate?

How do you feel with all your achievements? Do they make you “happy”, do you feel “stimulated”, does it drive you to push on, learn more, do more? Is there always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… because no matter how much you strive to be “happy” through “doing and achieving” it’s never enough because we may think “if we can do that we probably can do a little bit better.” However, you must recognize it for what it is… STIMULATON. It’s like a drug that is never enough.

WOW, do you get that? Sometimes it just needs to be put in a way that your mind can grab ahold of it to connect to your spirit! My hope is that you got a nugget out of this or at least a reminder to take a look within and feel what you feel when you achieve success, accomplishments versus appreciation, kindness, acceptance, care.

What would you describe in your life as the difference between being stimulated versus being happy?

So what you need to ask yourself is:

  • What brings me happiness?
  • How do I feel – physically, emotionally and energetically – with this?
  • What am I attracting to myself? What am I rejecting or avoiding, therefore putting myself on the hamster wheel of constant doing?
  • What stimulates me?

Do you see the difference? If so, what is it? Write it down so you can connect to your most inner self and bring this to your consciousness. This allows you to stop being BLIND to your actions that no longer serve you and instead raises a consciousness within that you can then make a change.

The difference when giving this exercise with my coaching clients is pausing and recognizing the achievements they have made and taking the time to relish in them and allow that to be enough. To let go of the ultimate defense motto that ‘more is better.’

Taking the time to enjoy the little things such as your children’s smiles, a clean house (without cleaning more), sunsets, sunrises and appreciating what you do have in the moment. The little things your EGO keeps telling you aren’t worth taking the time to enjoy because there is more to do, more to learn, more to accomplish.

Understanding that the stimulation you receive from goal achieving isn’t the road to feeling happiness… if you’re not careful it can be the road to feeling depleted, stuck, unworthy, and fatigued throughout your entire life.

So stop and smell those roses, stop and watch that sunset, stop and relish in the joy of the life you have created. Stop “doing” for just a bit and allow yourself to just “be”, feel the joy, the smile in your heart and know you are enough!!!

To your happiness,

P.S. If “doing” and “striving“ are your constant motto and if it is leaving you exhausted, drained and unhappy, then grab a complimentary “Re-Ignite Your Spark” discovery session with me. I’ve opened it up to the first five subscribers who sign up. They are powerful and eye-opening, offering you the ability to see within you what you don’t see for yourself and how to move forward.

adminWhat I learned from Miley Cyrus… of all people

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